Stand Alone scanner NORITSU S900 S-4

Used Refubished NORITSU scanner S900 with S-4 Scann & full accessories



Scanner NORITSU S900 Scanner S-4

Mass/Poids 105±0.2 kg
Dimension: Longueur / Largeur (Pronfondeur) / Hauteur 1070 x 750 x 1275 mm        
Light source LED line array lighting
LED Class Class 1M (EN/IEC60825-1)
Film size 135F, 135P, 135FP, 135H, 135FPS, 110,
120 (6 × 4.5, 6 × 6, 6 × 7, 6 × 8, 6 × 9, 6 × 12*1) and IX240
∗1. Available only when the optional software is installed.
Film type Negative,  positive  (135,  120,  IX240),  monochrome,  sepia,  and  mounted positive films
Main scanning: Individual RGB line measurement via three lines CCD
Sub-scanning: Scanning by film movement
Technologie Anti poussière  Digital Ice
Technologie Anti rayure Digital Masking*
* Available only when the optional software is installed
Resolution max 135mm: 4492x6774 pixels 
6x7: 5902x4815 

Accessoiries & options inclusded    

Z810875-01 135/240 AFC-II (R/W) 135/IX240  auto  film  carrier  It  can  be  used  for  both
negative and positive.
Reading   the   magnetic   data   recorded   in   the   IX240
negative   and   writing   the   data   to   the   negative   are
The lanes of 135 and IX240 can be switched manually.
Minimum number of frames to be processed: 2
Z810857-01 120 AFC-II 120 mm auto film carrier
The minimum number of frames to be processed: 1
Z810869-01 135/240 MMC-II 135/IX240  manual  mounted  film  carrier  It  can  be  used
for both negative and positive.
Z811030-01 LCD monitor unit The LCD display monitor of this system.
Z810926-01 Six slots Media Card Reader Unit to save/read the data in digital camera
Z810661-01 Operation Keyboard Unit Keyboard for QSS correction software
Z810462-01 Software for 6x12 Panorama Software for supporting the 6 × 12 size of the 120 film
Z810289-01 Digital Masking Software Software  that  automatically  corrects  scratches  on  the
emulsion layer of the film.

Data sheet

Used refurbished

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