FUJI FRONTIER SP500 Stand alone

FUJI FRONTIER SP500 Negative Carrier NC 100AR



Refurbished Stand-alone USB Fujifilm scanner.

Kit contents:
Stand-alone Film Scanner – 1pc.
NC100AR Automatic Negative Carrier – 1 pc.
135F insert mask – 1 pc.
MFC IX240 – 240 insert mask – 1 pc.

Add 750 EURO to have a scanner with workstation MS Frontend PC:
– Workstation PC Win7 x86 SP1 Pro English (ACER or DELL PC)
– keyboard, mouse
_ Fuji Frontier Scanner correction keyboard
– MS01 Basic Software v.4.2.
– MS11 Optional Connection Software v.2.0 for Win7

The perfect scanner for home and professional use with a photo lab.

Fujifilm’s proprietary image processing technology, Image Intelligence™, automatically compensates for problematic conditions such as poor lighting, excessive backlight, high contrast, underexposure or overexposure.



23±0.2 kg
Dimension: LxlxH 111 x 62 x 95 cm        
Scanning section Area CCD with Precision Pixel Shifting System
Film size 135F, 135P, 135FP, 135H, 
Film type Negative,  positive  (135, IX240),  monochrome,  sepia,  and  mounted positive films
Technologie Anti poussière  Digital Ice
Resolution max 300 dpi largest file size: equals a 3600 x 5400 file
Image Processing When combined with Landscape I2 Image Processing, Color Gradation Control, Tone Adjustment, Sharpness Adjustment, Saturation Adjustment, Monotone B&W, and Sepia, Brightness Adjustment, Retouching/Auto Dust and Scratch, Soft Focus.


Data sheet

Used refurbished