J391183-00 Printer Control PCB



 J391183-00 NORITSU Printer Control PCB for QSS 35 (LASER, iBeam)


  •    Controls each electrical part of the paper advance unit, exposure advance unit, and paper supply unit A.
  •    Communicates with the laser control PCB (for LASER models).
  •    Communicates with the iBeam Control PCB (for iBeam models).
  •    Performs the optical ARCNET communications.
  •    Turns the power supply on/off with the interlock switch (printer doors 1 and 2).
  •    Controls the buzzer and counter.
  •    Supplies power to the counter, printer power supply cooling fan, inner cooling fan and the printer control box cooling fan.
  •    Supplies power (5 V, 24 V, 36 V) to the dual magazine PCB and triple magazine PCB.

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