DryLab System 6 – Pro – BOX + Dongle

Build your own ultimate drylab with any printer !

Remove as much as possible from your printer
Work like a professional drylab but for a fraction of the price
Extend functionality beyond the capabilities of your printer driver
Monitor ink levels, media counters, total number of prints and more

Tags: Software, EZ Controller



The most developed version, which supports multiple local and network printers at the same time. Capable of grouping different printers into a virtual single unit to accelerate the speed of printing.

Besides all features included in the Standard version, Pro version offers automatic print-job splitting between multiple printers of the same model. It supports up to 8 local and network printers and 9 graphic stations.

The package includes: CD-BOX with software and USB Dongle Key with a license.

License type: Commercial - New
License for: Up to 8 printers and 9 graphics stations; Perpetual
Product version: BOX with USB stick
Includes CD-BOX with software, USB stick with license
Language: English, Czech, Polish
Conditions: Windows 7, 8 or 10 (32 bit or 64 bit)


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